An effective ATS (Applicat Tracking System) for your organisation

Your ATS recruitment process

Combine several days of job-datings for a complete process

Optimise the recruitment experience for your candidates and recruiters

Efficiently integrate Matching Square data with your HRM system

How does it work ?

Day 1

Virtual meetings

Explanation of the process and key dates clés

All candidates are invited

Day 2

Face-to-face meetings Recruiters and candidates can invite each other Pre-qualified candidates  are invited to

Day 3

Virtual interviews

Only recruiters invite candidates

Pre-selected candidates take part

Day 4

Face-to-face interviews

Recruiters invite candidates

Final candidates are invited

Matching Square is a flexible and adaptive platform that can be adapted to your own process. Contact us for a more in-depth discussion of your needs.

Try us out !

See for yourself the performance of our solution. Scan this code or send us your CV to You will receive a list of the data extracted by our platform. Matching Square offers a particularly powerful data extraction solution.